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Surely, never is too late…

The reason why I’m writing is to share with you about my experiences that I’ve have during the last four years that I’ve being working in “Paraíso de Infancia Los Gusanitos, in the Tamarindo.
When I started working in Los Gusanitos I never thought that I will be able to finish the high school, but even thought about my limitations as a single mother of two children, this year finally I will do it. When I look back, I have to say that the combination of fulfilling my obligations as a mother, also as a Madrina of fourteen children in age of puberty and also with my high school studies not always was easy. Finally, I can say that definitely is a YES, all those efforts were worth it. I am so excited for graduation from high school that I can’t wait any anymore for this special day that I will celebrate in big because with the high school graduation I have opened the doors to university studies. Actually I don’t know which career I will take due to I like so much the profession of lawyer as well as business administration or accounting, but I still have six months to decide which career I will take.
These successes do not just attach to my efforts but also to God and Priska, I thanks to her for the opportunity and the support that she unconditionally gave me during all this time.
I wish God Bless to Priska and also to the people that collaborate with Los Gusanitos.
(Catalina del Socorro González)

«Never stop the intellect of a child…

…leave they fly with their imagination, without limits and you will see how they enjoy with so much joy and innocence of it”. That is a thought that now I understand and keep on my mind as part of the experience that I learned in this small house. Three years ago, I came here as a young girl without any experience, without the slightest idea how to be patient to work with children that are found in very difficult lives. During that time, I witnessed as one adult learn too much of them and not only they learn of us. Sometimes we believe that is something easy to keep up them, but is not like that, my little Gusanitos, taught me that energy is the last thing you miss, if there is not something to play they make up, if the situation in their houses is hard, always you have to smile and keep on and, that the most important thing is enjoy of their childhood with a really big innocence and joy. Clearly not always is about laughs and games, also is about correct them in each moment that they made something bad, but that never take off the trust and affection that they showed me every day.
The Gusanitos, those little kids that daily come to this house, they helped me to see that not everything around me is about flowers and hearts figures, as there are times to laugh, also there are times to cry, but never stop to dream. I was a teacher to support them in their studies, I was a friendly hand to encourage when they felt sad, A nurse to assist them when they got sick and I will never forget that time, I never imagined that I would do, when I put on a wig and a big red nose and I called myself as “Payasa Folorecita”, just to see in their faces a big smile from ear to ear. All of them, from the most little to most bigger, I carry each of them in my heart, because every single of them gave me a big lesson:
No matter the situation, moment or problem you are having, you never have to leave and forget about the child inside you. Clearly is, that the world of adult people is a big ball of troubles, but children are not to be who pay for our mistakes.
(Andrea Pacheco)

With those words our godmother Andrea said goodbye to us, after three years working in our little home, to develop her career. This is a result of our program “never is too late”, on the other hand, our emotions are moving all around, thousand and thousand times when the right moment comes. Therefore we let her go with a tear in an eye and a smile in the other. But in fact she doesn’t let us at all, because for her incomparable job, she leaves us her aura, something that never will die.
Dear Andrea, we wish you in your professional and personal road that success keeps and above all, and for any reason don’t leave your dreams. We are pretty sure that too soon we will see us in your upcoming concerts. And also we know that in some year we will be your clients in your own pharmacy, 😉
(Priska Buchmann)

The most that i like…

…always, about my group is, when they come to greeting me, joke with them and see when they get mad for little things and also i get excited watch them when they serve the lunch because despite to not be the most biggest, they are able to do things well.
When I’m with the little ones, I enjoy a lot with them the time to classes, we sing, we play and we paint, in the meditation i like to see how worried are by the antics they like to do every day. At the time to play «El loro» makes me feel satisfied to watch their faces full of joy because I’m really full to know that they enjoy the game
(Godmother Neysi)

As a godmother i feel happy…

…to share and live with all the children in general. The group with I have to share more closely rejoicing each day of my life with every pranks and also with their good ideas.
They strive every day for being the best in class and also every day to have a good behavior, for me to be involved on their games. My work is a beautiful experience because I learn to know them much better.
(Godmother Catalina)

Fashion show on GUSANITOS

“A friendly hand” never missing someone who wants to provide a sincere and lovely support without expecting anything in return, because they know that can make a difference in the lives of our children with a big detail that they will save in their hearts.
This time we want to thank you to Lolita and Marko Serrano for bringing to our children those endearments presents that put a smile from ear to ear on each one of our girls and boys, every one of our kids are really thankful with all those presents that were distributed to each one of them, undoubtedly, also the most little one of our Gusanitos enjoyed and worn gorgeous wearing her new clothes and we can’t forget the biggest, there’s no any word to describe the emotion on each faces when they got their presents, all the pictures that here we share prove what we described, about the happiness that they experienced in that moment.
It left to say from our Gusanitos, ¡THANK YOU SO MUCH INDEED! And we always wish the best for you for having a big heart to share with who is in need. From Nicaragua we send all the good vibes of the world, thanks.
Kisses and Hugs.

(Mayra Bravo)