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It hasn’t been an easy year…

…and the Christmas environment makes us feel a deeply pain and sadness because the unnecessary and different loses from different families. In this time of the year mothers, fathers will cry more than ever the death of their sons and daughters, the child’s will miss the loss of their parents. From the bottom of our hearth we are very sorry with the grandmothers, grandfathers, mothers, fathers, sisters, bothers, children’s, girls, uncles, aunts and friends we wish them to be strong, that the hope to be more stronger than mourning that want us to let us fall. Like any other year I wish you health, love and happiness but this year I desire you a 2019 full of peace, since we live in hurt world and just hope can heal it and handle it.
(Priska Buchmann Scherer)


Thank you so much…

…for the congratulations because of my birthday that came from closer and far friends. I feel happy because lot of people that from one way or another had spent the time with me, 💝.
I enjoyed so much the party next to my girls, boys and godmothers. A huge hug to the godmothers that year by year put all the effort with children to make tender drawings, beautiful manual arts and joyful dances. Talking about drawings, I already have a trouble because I need walls for them, 🤔.
Thanks to the godmothers, my bedroom piecemeal lose the environment of humble. With a pain on my heart, I had to separate myself from my night table (a box cover by a piece of cloth) that was replace for a real night table. Now the wall is decorate with a mirror, that every morning smile me a gorgeous young girl that sticks me the tongue out
, 😋.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall…

Here we leave you a few impressions of the beautiful handicrafts our children made during Holy Week.
We wish you !HAPPY EASTER!

With unforgettable laughter…

…we said goodbye to the annual holiday. We’re grateful to have spent so many cheerful moments with the social-circus “Circlosión de Carcajadas” from Madrid – we all cried for joy and gleamed with
pleasure. This wonderful circus-team travels around the globe and dedicates their work to embellish the life of deprived children and conjure a smile on their faces. Never have I ever seen our children and madrinas burst out in such hearty laughter. I am sure this was an unforgettable experience for our children and they can always look back joyfully on this event. Additionally I was surprised, that our children didn’t miss the obligatory Piñata, which usually plays an important part in Nicaraguan parties. That is incredible and for this success the “Circlosión de Carcajadas” deserves a special
award. And I am sure that in the following weeks this event is everything the children will talk about.
But these were not all the surprises of that day. The children from Sabaneta came by foot to Tamarindo, when suddenly a woman stopped her car to ask the children who they were and where they were going. A few hours later she knocked on our door holding three bags filled with new shoes
for our children. We later learned that her name is Jessina and she is the owner of a shoe factory in Granada. She said: „ When I saw them walking down the street I thought that they are probably
children from deprived families that’s why I stopped my car”.
I am totally overwhelmed! A simple THANK YOU just seems insufficient, but right now it’s all I can give. On that note I send a gigantic hug and loads of kisses to the “Circlosión de Carcajadas” and Jessina. Thank you for that unforgettable day!

(Priska Buchmann Scherer)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

After the Christmas season we made lot of manual arts and small walks with our kids, time flew away. So, we enjoy to the fullest the last day before the big annual vacations that once more we have enjoyed while we have play, dance and sing with our children. Of course, we did not miss our legendary Christmas food, baked chicken with rice, salad and soda until burst. Even that we finally know the depth of their stomachs ;-). They could not standing anymore, they looked at the dessert with regret and could eat more, but their tummies could not standing. Each kid went back home with a little tree made by themselves with the enthusiasm that finally they had a tree to illuminate the Christmas days in their houses. The time to say goodbye has come so fast, our children went back home with a happy side to being with us and in other side with tears, wishing stay and not leave.
We take the time, like every year, to make the big cleaning of our two Homes and of course, at the end of everything we take a rest for two weeks.  With the batteries well charged, we will going to receive to our kids on January 8 of 2018.
Wishing you a Christmas from all our hearts that in your homes do not miss the peacefulness, food and wishes to share between those people that are important for each one of you. A million thank you to all those people that support us in one way or another, to make that our girls and boys have a second Home.
With some last impressions before Christmas we wish you
(Ingrid Maltez Mejía, Priska Buchmann Scherer and Team)