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A small, own world in Nicaragua

When I first entered the Paraíso de Infancia Los GUSANITOS, I entered a small world in Nicaragua that was new to me. A world, filled of children’s laughter, curiosity, creativity, colorful walls, loving staff and an environment that invites to learn and play. A small world where every day they fight for the children with a lot of love to improve their opportunities for the future. The beginning was not always easy, the world I come from was too different. A world quite calm, fresh and very structured. A world in which I knew the school and the learning system, cultural values and customs, educational methods and family systems. A world in which I could explain things properly to children and in which I did not reach my linguistic limits. I stayed and day after day I found more and more my place here in this new small world. I built relationships with children and enjoyed their trust. I did not hesitate to work and earned the respect of the godmothers who worked hard. I found my role and became a member of this team. My language skills improved and I was able to use my resources in the design of reinforcements, crafts and games. Day after day this new world became a part of my world. Suddenly I was not that far and strange anymore.
(Eliane Burri)


…and where are those who play hide and seek? 😲🥰

Let’s play!

Play is the most important instrument for children’s learning and integral development, as they learn about the social rules of life playfully. It is equally important as sleeping, eating and drinking. Through the game children seek, explore, test and discover the world for themselves, which makes it an effective instrument for education. Children have to do things over and over again to learn gradually. They need the experience of making mistakes, to discover and to learn how to correct them without being discouraged. So the different games have a formative aspect for their future.
Playing is an exercise that the child performs to develop different abilities such as physical, emotional, sensory and mental development, creativity and imagination, as well as his or her cooperative ability.

There is don’t better game…

…that after the rain go running to the garden to cook and bake tortillas, 😍

Free from the extreme heat…

…the rainy season has begun, 😛