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…followed by a huge applause to Madrina Neysi and Madrina Ingrid. Two strong women that received the fruits of their efforts.
After Neysi received her diploma as a teacher two years ago she has been dedicated to the complementary study, and on 22-12-2018 she has received her diploma as Professor and Lic. With a mention in Social Sciences.
CONGRATULATIONS Neysi for going in this long road of 7 years. We know that sometimes was a hard road and we admire a lot the effort that you put in to overcome all the obstacles and achieve your goals.
Madrina Ingrid does not stay behind, she also gave herself a push 5 years ago and she started to study Pshychology. 100% work, have a family, each saturday go to the university, do the homework and satisfy everything and everyone. Either wasn’t sweetness, more in the final phase during the degree course with two modules. With a great breath on 3-12-2018 she has received her diploma as a Lic. in Pshicology. Two beautiful examples that show us that “Never is to Late“.
(Priska Buchmann Scherer)


Happy birthday Leonardo, and…

Congratulation to  Natieska to your 3. birthday : -)
All people say, Christmas is in December, but we celebrate chistmas in this month ; -) Maybe you remember that a few month ago we have a visit from Rodolfo Saavedra- a Nicaraguan who lives in the USA since 26 years- Five Nicaraguans who lives in the USA(Sonia A. Bodán Bravo, Ruperto Ruiz, José Rodolfo Saavedra, Marko Serrano und María Eugenia Miranda) have founded an non-profit- organisation and it calls “Somos Una Mano Amiga” (SUMA) This organisation wants to help people in Nicaragua .
After the visit from Rodolfo Saavedra they directly start a donation campaign. The results are fantastic. Thank you one more time and a great applause to the management, the members and the assistants from “Somos Una Mano Amiga”. We send you a few impressions from our Christmas-Party.
Now we change the theme: Life is come and go. Some people are closed to our heart but the reality is difficult.  We say good buy to our Madrina Fátima. Fátima we wish you all the best and don’t forget you are welcome everytime in the GUSANITOS.
Now, one door closed and a new open. Welcome Mama Reyna. She is the first mother from our GUSANITOS who helps us with our project. We congratulate you to your step in the future. Never lose your positive life attitude, your humorous way of being and in the special one your hearty laugh.
Our friend Rodolfo Saavedra visit us second time. In the meantime Rodolfo is a member of our family. Our GUSANITOS say affectionate uncle Rodolfo. Rodolfo, thank you very much for the perfect lunch and thank you for the cheerfulness you bring in our house. You are welcome all the time, but next time you must bring your guitare. Take care Rodolfo, see you!
Now we want to inform you about our activities in the home for the elderly in Granada. In this month our girls AND boys help to make a surprise to the old people. They all paint pictures for the sleeping rooms. Our Madrina Mayra wants to go with our girls to the home for the eldery with a lot of pictures. But… “no chance” The nun don’t allow this. We don’t understand this?!?! because we want to make a pleasure to the older people!!! But thee reality can’t reduced our pleasure about the pics.
“step by step” we go forward everyday, and everyday “we pack the bull with the horns” ; -)
We send you a flying kiss and see you next time…


…to our children Brayan and our “smiley face“ Chery, 🙂
This month we become a very spezial donation. This is grand and special because we become it from a young boy. This young boy play soccer and he give us 100 $ from his goal – savings. Nicolaij, we have been very pleased about your donation. We buy a very special thing with your money.
Welcome to Christian! The new integral part of our GUSANITOS family. He teaches the  basic subjects and the english part for our GUSANITOS. Our children- up to the youngest ones- are completely enthusiastic of the English hours. They like it to learn new English words. Thy love the english hours with Rosita and Mickey Mouse . It is fascinating with which ease the children learn a foreign language.
Our weekday is always exciting. In the last vacation we take a lot of time for hadicrafts. With our Gusanitos we go to the sea and seach material to do handicrafts. We found: leaves, stones, seeds, bamboo, roots. At once we make a cleaning, too. We found: bottles, plastic bags, cans, lid, barette etc. Our Gusanitos need some of this things to do there beautiful handicrafts.
Ahhhhhh, our family is bigger , now. Mama Reyes-Zeledón give us a pair called: Lucía und Lució . A chicken and a cock. We hope that they can help us with our ant-problem. The ants eat all our plants. In the moment we don’t want to eat the eggs because we like to have a lot of small chicks. Now, we need a Miss Piggeldy…. : -)

A big kiss and see you soon…
(Mayra Bravo)


My comeback to my family GUSANITOS…


was full of emotions, too. All my children are impatient. Granada is a small town and my arrival at pm.10 got round fast. Some children wait at the street corner. Some are in bed and come fast in they pyjamas to get a cuddle. And the first weekend was a chocolate-spaghetti- party. So I could unpack my suitcases only on Monday.

In the first days I need onlý times to look at the pictures, gifts and letters, which I have become from my GUSANITOS. Every child want to tell my they personal story from the last month or tell my the “confession” about they bad behaviour. ; -) Yes,it is strenuous but wonderful to have 35 children.
With other words: To come home is BOMBASTIC !
Our aunts are accountable for this. With empathy and fantasy they take care of our GUSANITOS. They paints some rooms new and  our swimming pool is now a pond with some animals from the ocean. And our tables in the garden have beautiful colours and to eat there is so nice.
Our aunts have done a very good job the last month and I say thank you!.

(Priska Buchmann Scherer)


The May is the month of birthdays…


because we celabrated 6 birthdays. Now we send a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our children Naomi, Franklin, Isabel, Tatjana, Madrina Fátima and our flea Tómasito. It was the first birthday for Tómasito.

Our Stephany has a very special and personally Party. She straighten up and and show us, that she goes her way allone : -)

Our GUSANITOS come home with their school certificate and everything is ok. They all make good work in school. Congratulation to all! In the moment we study the notes and the devolopment of everyone. Then we can decide, which GUSANITOS can go to a private school nex year.

Our aunts become school reports, too : -) Mayra, Paola, Teresa and Ingrid go to the college UPONIC at the weekend in Masaya. They have  end the trimester wonderful! Neysi go to the secondary school and told us that english sounds like chinese to her ;- ) But her school report is ok, too. Fátima is our future coiffeur. In the meantime she knows all  tricks for different hairstyles.  Recently she has begun to cut hair. Since this time we live in “dangerous”. She alwasy search “victims” to cut hair. CONCRATULATION to all our aunts 😉

And in the end a small beatifull story from our GUSANITOS:

Aunt MAYRA go with our big GUSANITOS to the museum San Fransisco in Granada. In the end she go with all children to a restaurant to drink tea together. As she wants to pay, she need all her diplomacy because the situation goes to a disaster… :
“Aunt Mayra, the waiter has cheated us!! He told us the pot of tea cost  C$ 75.–, and you haven’t noticed it, that he cashed   C$ 95.—from you!!!!!
“Calm down, Tatjana, the waiter hasn’t deceived us. The pot of tea cost C$ 75.–,  taxes are added with C$ 20.–, together this is C$ 95.–”.
“Aunt, what are taxes?” “ We pay taxes because we need glases and we sit at the tables with the chairs, in addition…..”
NO aunt, not so! Next time we drink our tea in the park, at this place we must don’t pay to sit, it is gratis!!”

We send you a lot of sunrays, see you soon