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Cultural evening…

…with Tamara, Gabriela, Brenda, Javiera, Amparo, Denise y Stefanita. We strolled through the International Poetry Festival of Granada, we enjoyed a picnic, and for dessert we enjoyed the concert of our godmother Andrea, 😀


The circus GUSANITOS was born, ;-)




…to our children Brayan and our “smiley face“ Chery, 🙂
This month we become a very spezial donation. This is grand and special because we become it from a young boy. This young boy play soccer and he give us 100 $ from his goal – savings. Nicolaij, we have been very pleased about your donation. We buy a very special thing with your money.
Welcome to Christian! The new integral part of our GUSANITOS family. He teaches the  basic subjects and the english part for our GUSANITOS. Our children- up to the youngest ones- are completely enthusiastic of the English hours. They like it to learn new English words. Thy love the english hours with Rosita and Mickey Mouse . It is fascinating with which ease the children learn a foreign language.
Our weekday is always exciting. In the last vacation we take a lot of time for hadicrafts. With our Gusanitos we go to the sea and seach material to do handicrafts. We found: leaves, stones, seeds, bamboo, roots. At once we make a cleaning, too. We found: bottles, plastic bags, cans, lid, barette etc. Our Gusanitos need some of this things to do there beautiful handicrafts.
Ahhhhhh, our family is bigger , now. Mama Reyes-Zeledón give us a pair called: Lucía und Lució . A chicken and a cock. We hope that they can help us with our ant-problem. The ants eat all our plants. In the moment we don’t want to eat the eggs because we like to have a lot of small chicks. Now, we need a Miss Piggeldy…. : -)

A big kiss and see you soon…
(Mayra Bravo)


Since the last news about our GUSANITOS…


…our activity at the last month. In the meantime Amparo, Gabriela and Tamarita have had birthday. We send you happy birthday an a hug. 

Thanks to Katrin, our volunteer from Denmark. She go back home.

At the same time Nicole from switzerland is coming to us.Welcome Nicole. Nicole works for an organisation from Inndonesia. This organisation helps woman and children to learn a manual work. In the future they should they own money. The organisation wants to open a new shop for hammocks and Nicole learn to make this hammocks in Nicaragua.

We help Nicole with our knowledge and our specialist Jerling show Nicole all the secrets to make a hammock.

Nicole, your visit and the cultural exchange of experiences was a personal gain for us. We wish you much success with the project in Indonesia. And you know,  we wait for you.. and the reason in not that you are fantastic in shiatsu ; -)

In the last time we have had some big and small illness and accidents with our GUSANITOS. Reality is, if we are in the rainy season or in the dry season. All time we have typical illness, like influenza, skin- allergy, asthma and chronic dysentery. Everytime the same , as long as the housing conditions of the children do not change. In the meantime we have learned  to live with this situations. But we will not get used to it. 

But also we have beautiful experiences with our GUSANITOS. Thats are the daily big and small joys with our GUSANITOS: The first steps from ABDI and Tomasito; Symptom of a socialization from our Stephany, she has no more fear in front of people and show us her smile and since a few time show search somebody who play with her;  Naomi, Alex, Suheyla, Natieska and Chery play peaceful together and build with sand the volcano Mombacho and the Rio San Juan. In the end they looks like five little negros. Dirty from the top to the bottom, but very happy.

The peace beetween the bigger GUSANITOS, when thy do some manual work; or when they play they favourite sports- to dance- They go to a own worlds with nice illusions; when they come back from school and grumble about the teacher; or they talk about the first love, and in the contrast they go to the playgroung and behave like small children.

Yes, this and a lot of daily other things are our gleam of hope. That give us the power to take every day with new beautiful surprises.


Yes, christmas is soon


Tatjana, your fiiinnngggers or “Itself the woman is”,  😉