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Thank you so much…

…for the congratulations because of my birthday that came from closer and far friends. I feel happy because lot of people that from one way or another had spent the time with me, 💝.
I enjoyed so much the party next to my girls, boys and godmothers. A huge hug to the godmothers that year by year put all the effort with children to make tender drawings, beautiful manual arts and joyful dances. Talking about drawings, I already have a trouble because I need walls for them, 🤔.
Thanks to the godmothers, my bedroom piecemeal lose the environment of humble. With a pain on my heart, I had to separate myself from my night table (a box cover by a piece of cloth) that was replace for a real night table. Now the wall is decorate with a mirror, that every morning smile me a gorgeous young girl that sticks me the tongue out
, 😋.

Vicious circle

Fathers, mothers, young people running away, again leaving their homeland, leaving their kids. Some for lack of economic perspectives and some for political pursuit. For lack of money, some people run away without passport putting themselves in risk of lose the road of hope.
The nightmare that chase to Nicaraguan people some centuries, is once again is real.
Fathers and mothers that six years ago has start to wake up of their lethargy mood, while they look for a job and little by little had could hold the responsibility by themselves. Though they had a job with not a good salary, they earned enough to buy food and paid the scholar fees of their kids. And they were the proud enough that could be able to take their children away from child labor.
It hurt in the depths of my heart, to see with impotence, that the work that we made together with these parents from one day to another is in danger to sinking in nothingness. Is hard for me to keep the sight in the eyes of our sad children that cry for their father or mother. While their lips suffer in silently, their eyes, speak about the lack of affection, worryness, encouragement words and the scolding of their parents.
I already have 11 years living in Nicaragua and today, this town full of Nicaraguan people has gave me a big lesson. I can understand that feeling of want to fall asleep without wake up. This magical state of lethargy, that you wish to follow without nothing and nobody wake you up. I understand why, I understand why they has abandoned themselves.
I have learned to understand why our job was hard at the beginning, because we needed this big effort to wake them up from their apathy. I can see the big sacrifice that they made and how hard was to them to stand up, again. I appreciate more than before the confidence that they have placed on us and I admire that despite all they have not lost hope and once again they have decide walk this hard road.
(Priska Buchmann Scherer)

Do you remember Aixa…

…The shy and exceptionally smart girl. The little girl that was one of the first girls that we assist about in our Paraiso de la infancia Los Gusanitos Tamarindo, the substitute mother that as big sister, always she had care about her siblings.
Aixa, once again has taught us that, “wherever love comes, has to come” and “against of crazy hormones, intelligence can’t.” 😉
but, it looks like we had failed in sexual education theme with her, but we are not upset with the birth of her little daughter, Mariquita. Well, actually, that sweetness is called Maria but, i can’t take the bad habit away of give proper nicknames to girls and boys that stay in my heart at first sight. ;-).
Dear Aixa, i feel happy that despite this little and sweet «incident» you keep with highschool. This, specially in our circumstance, it require lot of courage, strength and energy. I wish you that this little and tender creature give you the strength for the stony road in front of you, that her make you feel full of love and joy in difficult moments and that Mariquita has inherited lot of attributes of your good character.
(Priska Buchmann Scherer)

Fun, distraction, education…

…according to our moto «learning by playing». So we have created a small course where our children can have fun. And while they keep themselves physically and mentally fit, they learn – without noticing it – a lot about colors, numbers, orientation, balance and consideration etc. 😉 Once again we noticed that it works perfectly without explanations and rules. In this way our children discover endless ways of playing in this course. And with each new game they discoveredt, hey developed their own rules.

¡ Silent scream !

Almost 2 months have passed, where we have experienced several faucets of violence. Two months in a bath of alternating emotions, between hope and disappointment, meanwhile disappointment gains more and more weight. Not only are we shown the bloody news hour upon hour on every channel without filter, but we must live it live in our streets. While they commit all these cruelties mercilessly it seems that, in the heat of the battles, they have completely forgotten about the thousands of children that surround them. It really seems like they are not part of Nicaraguan society, and that nobody thinks about the harm that they cause in the fragile psyches of the more defenseless creatures. I can only speak about the changes in our 70 children, but I imagine that for everyone it is the same, if not worse:
When our children with their little faces play, roadblocks, I look at them with one eye crying and the other smiling. But when we ask them, what it is that they want to play and they reply in a chorus: “We want to play war,” I see it as an auxiliary cry of their repressed emotions. With much concern we have noticed some changes that have crept into the souls of our girls and boys. In general they are much more restless, unfocused and more aggressive than two months ago. Several children have lost a lot of weight, and our list to indicate who needs extra vitamins is getting longer each day. When they come in the mornings, I feel I’m back 5 years ago, because the majority of them ask for breakfast. When only two months ago, they made castles, parks, houses and animals out of lego, now they make pistols and rifles. Meanwhile many of them know better how mortars are made and what they are used for, then their mathematic tables. Where before they sang children’s songs, their voices bright and clear, today they cry out rhymes with all their pain. And the worst of all, girls and boys of 6, 7 and 8 years old that have never had problems with holding their bladders, wet themselves in broad daylight.
And when they come running in the middle of the night, knocking on my door, looking for a safe place, it almost breaks my heart. And when I see them sleep, deeply in all of their innocence, my soul melts. These are just a few small examples of the tip of the iceberg, which is called a Nicaraguan childhood that suffers in silence, while their screaming environment goes up in flames.

(Priska Buchmann Scherer)