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One of the most difficult decisions in my life

It is never easy to take responsibility for 100 children and 15 employees, let alone in times when we have to live with the corona virus.
We have experienced a lot of turmoil, most recently the political turmoil last year, which kept me thinking about how long I can still be responsible for keeping our business going without exposing our children and our Madrinas to even greater danger than it already is. So far – although sometimes with a queasy feeling in my stomach – I seem to have made the right decisions and so we could always keep the business going for the good of everyone. Once again, the circumstances force me to make the right decision again, not without a queasy feeling in my stomach.
So, this time I decided with a heavy heart that Los GUSANITOS will remain closed from Monday, March 23, 2020 until the coronavirus situation has calmed down. However, not without taking certain precautions to continue looking after our children, our employees and their families in these difficult times.
In several meetings we informed parents and our Madrinas about the precautions to be taken and, above all, that they stay at home whenever possible and do not panic. We bought antipyretic medications and syrups for coughs and vitamins. We found a private doctor who will handle the most difficult cases in an emergency, which was not easy at all.
The parents of our children and our Madrinas can reach us by phone at any time if an emergency would occur. Whether you need medication, if you have food shortages, need medical help or just need to speak, as you have panicked.
After we have taken all the necessary measures, I hope that nobody feels lonely, that no one panics, and that we all get out of this plague in good health, 🍀.

Our children exploring

Our 3rd children explore different materials, with wonderful results, 🥰

Mama Fran happy…

…with her new wooden kitchen. Mama Fran and all Madrinas agree that the taste of rice and beans is nowhere better than from the wood fire. And it also cooks much faster than over a gas fire. Here she is cooking chayotes to be baked with cheese tomorrow. Well, Mamá Fran happy, Madrinas happy, children happy and I 🤔, save gas, 😊


With all our heart, we wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR

The difference…

…makes each human being unique. Thank you so much Tomásito, thank you so much Vincenth!