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With all our heart, we wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR

The difference…

…makes each human being unique. Thank you so much Tomásito, thank you so much Vincenth!

Christmas is approaching with giant steps…

…we keep moving forward, 

It is unbelievable…

…how much waste we produce every day: decorations made by our children from materials such as toilet paper and paper towel rolls, milk and egg cartons, plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, disposable cups, ☹. And the worst, it is often necessary to produce this waste. For example, we need 20 cartons of milk per week, between 90 and 100 disposable diapers (obligatory), etc. etc.
God, let’s finally return to the time of glass bottles, cloth bags and cloth diapers! As beautiful as these decorations may be, desperately looking for recycle crafting can not be the solution to the problem.

With much enthusiasm…

…accompanied by music to sing along, we are in the middle of the Christmas preparations. Like every year we work exclusively with recycled material.
Another year we enjoy this emotional environment, which extends over our entire children’s paradise. A crackling atmosphere that cannot be compared to any other season of the year. I love this pre-Christmas time, I love this ambience of perceptible harmony, peace, joy and at the same time peace and solidarity among our children.
That is why we are looking forward with great impatience to the school holidays, which begin at the end of November to free us from school stress and to devote ourselves more to the Christmas craft.