It is never too late

It is never too late to realize your dreams
Concha Barbero

True to the motto “It is never too late“ we motivate and support our godmothers to start their favoured apprentice ship, begin with their preferred course of study or to finish their scholar education. Many of our employees decided to go into a professional direction that has to do with their work in our daycare centre, so not only the godmothers benefit from their education, but our children do as well. It would go beyond the scope of the topic to name all of the activities and success-stories that are related to our programm “It is never too late“, so here are only one small example:
Our godmother Neysi started to work at our daycare centre when she was 18 years old. She was in charge of a group of 10 children and at the same time she started to go back to high school. After her graduation she decided to attend a teachers-seminar which she succeded to complete, as well. She did not consider herself satisfied with only her teachers-degree though, so she decided to specialize in the subject of social science. She started to attend yet another course, went to additional english classes in the evenings and became one of the teachers of our daycare centre. Four years after she started her career at our house she now has the responsible position to manage the total labour force, to examine the proper handling of our children and of our daily routine and to help us with administrative tasks.
One small example of how we promote our employees with our programm “It is never too late“ and what is possible to evolve out of it.