Gusanitos solidarity

Gusanitos solidarios

Life is giving and taking
Priska Buchmann Scherer

Both oblivion and clinging to hatred are bad advisers. Life teaches us that once we let go of bad memories and negative experiences, we learn to appreciate the value of a dignified and humane life a lot more.
We help our girls and boys to face their bad memories and to overcome them. Cautiously we try to guide them to the realization that it is neither possible to forget nor to erase the past.
To help them live a life full of hope and joy, we find it is important for our children to learn how they can control their emotional outbursts more easily.
In addition to that, we teach them one of the biggest delights in life: We teach them how to give and how to share. Because what helps those in need helps us as a person, too. Therefore, we encourage our fosterlings to take part in small actions with people in need. Those initiatives are small and yet “BIG“ acts of kindness on the basis of solidarity, love and affection towards those who suffer from material and emotional needs. Even though our children are lucky enough to receive an amount of love and affection like hardly any other Nicaraguan child does, we do not want them to forget their roots. We want them to always bear in mind, that besides them there are many other people with necessities that might be happy about any small acts of solidarity. We try for them to keep the facts of reality in their memories, so that they learn that by giving love, time, support and hope, they are not only able to embellish other people’s lifes, but their own childhood aswell. We trust in our children and that they manage to have this little seed of solidarity grow into a huge tree in their hearts. So that one day, other people can benefit from the sensitivity and empathy our children contain within themselves and that they manage to change the reality of their very own country with the help of these newly found traits.