Games and recreation

Between laughing and playing he soul is healing 
Arabian Proverb

Play, leisure and education are the most wonderful and most important elements of our work and passion. Here, the keys that open up the doors to a better and more hopeful future lay hidden. It is the ideal way how our children gently but firmly learn to say goodbye to their sad past and get to recover step by step. Heartly laughter and unlimited joy operate like freeing medicine to cure our children’s problems. Play and recreational activities play a very important role in the development of each child, thus we invest a lot of time and energy into these topics. We analyze the games precisely in order to be able to improve the way we are using them as therapeutic tool. We are convinced that various games and free time activities promote a positive and collective way of experiencing things.We view play and free time as the ideal way to expand contacts with others, socialize gradually and to develop in an appropriate and efficient manner. Consequently we are giving our children the free space they urgently need to develop the basic knowledge of self-responsibilty and self-esteem. Basic tools that every child needs to develop creativity and the possibility to speak their mind. As a result the mutual respect between them grows, and their sense of togetherness and the team spirit increase. Consequently, the children start to form little groups of various interests and topics and set themselves a shared goal they are aiming at.
Once a child has discovered the freedom of creativity…
…it starts to amaze the grown-ups. Therefore it happens to be the case that every now and then they hint at something interesting to learn or show us the way to the solution of a daily problem.