Social care

Guardería Gusanitos

As long as there are unhappy children, the word progress does not make any sense
Albert Einstein

Our manner of working is based on our philosophy and our principle to “Love all our kids as if they were our own“. That means that we are giving them love and personal care in the highest and purest form possible. Thus we are only working in really small groups. Every godmother takes care of a maximum amount of 14 children. The godmothers get support from two teachers who help the children with their homework and their questions.
Those of the children who have to go to class in the mornig are coming to our daycare centre after they finished school. Those of the children who have to go to school in the afternoon are coming to the daycare centre at 8 a.m. every morning and start their day with their personal hygine, breakfast, doing their chores and homework, tutoring, etc. After lunch we escort them to school and pick them up again after they finished. Our smallest children spend the whole day with us. They follow a routine which is just as permanent as the ones of the older children.
In this sense we are spending the day like any other normal family.
We give every child the possibility to follow its own personal rhythm in order for it to achieve a good corporal, mental and emotional development. As for the scholastic education of the children, the older ones have several duties like doing their homework, learning for exams, etc. But wherever possible we try to let them practise their tasks as individually as possible. Especially our little ones who do not go to school yet benefit from this philosophy, since they are not pressured by the demands of the public school.
We do not understand our work as work in itself, we understand our work as a passion and dedication towards our children. We try to live everyday as a great family experience, because we are convinced that in this way it is possible to meet the needs of our children individually and give each of them the maximum care, love and attention they receive.