Our Partners

«No one can whistle a symphony alone. It takes an orchestra to play it» 
Halford E. Luccock

Our partners are another very important part of our project that adds so the success of our daily work. By sending their donations our way they are lifting a huge financial burden from our shoulders. Thereby they are enabeling us to focus all our energy upon our kids, because we do not have to worry about other things. It is thanks to them that we managed to bring yet another daycare centre into being. Thanks to their support we are able to delight in the rapid and positive development of our children and their families. With their contributions they are gifitng us with the certainty that we are able to feed, dress and teach our children every day. We could list endless examples to describe what our partners are causing through their payments. Gratitude cannot be measured, but if we could I am sure our amount of thankfullness towards our partners would not fit the scale.
In that sense we would like to thank all of our partners for the trust they put in our work and for the pleasant and understanding cooperation. We are looking forward to accompagnying many more children into a better future owing to your help.