Team «LOS GUSANITOS» Tamarindo I

At this point, to all our godmothers in the Paraíso de Infancia “LOS GUSANITOS” Tamarindo I an enormous THANK YOU!

Madrina Priska: Founder of the Children’s Paradise “LOS GUSANITOS”

Madrina Neysi: Coordinator «LOS GUSANITOS» Tamarindo I. Professor and Lic. with Mention in Social Sciences

Mamá Fran: Passionate Cook with vocation as Mother and Grandmother

Madrina Yaritza: Studies Pedagogy

Madrina Aixa: Highschool Student who grew up in Los GUSANITOS

Madrina Ana: Studies Professor with Mention in Mathematics

Madrina Socorro: Passionate Gardener with vocation as Godmother, Mother and Grandmother

Madrina Marcia: Studies Pedagogy