Who we are

Los Gusanitos

We understand fair criticism as an integral opportunity to review our own books from time to time
Priska Buchmann Scherer

Although happiness cannot be valued in money and our work is connected with a lot of love, idealism and optimism, we cannot close our eyes to the fact that funding our project plays a significant role in our everyday life. So this is the place to thank Otmar Buchmann, the actual sponsor of the first phase of the project Paraiso de la Infancia “LOS GUSANITOS“.  Othmar Buchmann died on September, 21 in 2006 being only 56 years old. But due to his vision, generosity and optimism we were allowed to arise and keep this project with the first 35 of our children. Thank you Othmar, until forever…
The project is possible because of the illusion and enthusiastic daily work of a small team of educators and social workers. A team that strives to deliver the best of themselves, on professional and emotional level, so that the children we serve get plenty of positive experiences along their way.
Even though we are completely independent and neutral in political and religious terms, this does not mean that we do not have our own opinion about the things that affect our children, our parents or us directly as nursery. In our opinion not only the good sides should publish if this in not the reality. Whenever it is possible, we seek a balance between a fair and real critique of the darker side and how to represent also the sunny side of Nicaraguan life. Our experience has taught us that we will never change anything, if we always “bite our tongue“ about inhuman circumstances. We believe that everyone, people as well as institutions, need a healthy mix between criticism and compliment to develop and to change.