A small, own world in Nicaragua

When I first entered the Paraíso de Infancia Los GUSANITOS, I entered a small world in Nicaragua that was new to me. A world, filled of children’s laughter, curiosity, creativity, colorful walls, loving staff and an environment that invites to learn and play. A small world where every day they fight for the children with a lot of love to improve their opportunities for the future. The beginning was not always easy, the world I come from was too different. A world quite calm, fresh and very structured. A world in which I knew the school and the learning system, cultural values and customs, educational methods and family systems. A world in which I could explain things properly to children and in which I did not reach my linguistic limits. I stayed and day after day I found more and more my place here in this new small world. I built relationships with children and enjoyed their trust. I did not hesitate to work and earned the respect of the godmothers who worked hard. I found my role and became a member of this team. My language skills improved and I was able to use my resources in the design of reinforcements, crafts and games. Day after day this new world became a part of my world. Suddenly I was not that far and strange anymore.
(Eliane Burri)