…followed by a huge applause to Madrina Neysi and Madrina Ingrid. Two strong women that received the fruits of their efforts.
After Neysi received her diploma as a teacher two years ago she has been dedicated to the complementary study, and on 22-12-2018 she has received her diploma as Professor and Lic. With a mention in Social Sciences.
CONGRATULATIONS Neysi for going in this long road of 7 years. We know that sometimes was a hard road and we admire a lot the effort that you put in to overcome all the obstacles and achieve your goals.
Madrina Ingrid does not stay behind, she also gave herself a push 5 years ago and she started to study Pshychology. 100% work, have a family, each saturday go to the university, do the homework and satisfy everything and everyone. Either wasn’t sweetness, more in the final phase during the degree course with two modules. With a great breath on 3-12-2018 she has received her diploma as a Lic. in Pshicology. Two beautiful examples that show us that “Never is to Late“.
(Priska Buchmann Scherer)