We have move in…

…and if that wasn’t enough, also we had to face to wild virus. After our house at Sabaneta had sunken under water, our patience ran out with the owner. The bad luck started when the wet blessing (the rain) came out from the clogged pipelines at the kitchen, then we got it from the ceiling and finally, the water flooded us in everywhere making the house look like an island in the middle of a huge lake. therefore, the decision was quickly when we had the offer to rent the house next to us, at Tamarindo.
So, in the last three weeks, so, in the last three weeks one thing after another has happened quickly, that I still feel dizzy. We’ve talked with the parents, we’ve done repair work and painting, we’ve organized school transportation for the children from Sabaneta, we have packed our stuff and we’ve move into the new house at Tamarindo.
Eleven girls and boys from Sabaneta we have been able to integrate in the actual childcare of Los Gusanitos Tamarindo I, while groups of 12 girls and boys already have found refuge at the new house-Los Gusanitos Tamarindo II. Actually we have more than 40 girls and boys in a waiting list, they will integrate bit by bit, after complete our furnishings and the painting at Paraíso de Infancia Los Gusanitos Tamarindo II. So, from the middle of November of 2018, we going to take care a total of 90 of girls and boys in both childcare. Once again we overpass the limit of 80 children, buuuuuuuuut first, to Say-Not always have been one of my big weaknesses and second, the new house offers us lot of space
, ;-).
As if the stress of relocation had not been enough, at the same time we’ve been attacked by a wild virus, in that most of our girls and boys and also part of our Madrinas, got sick. the virus is associated with alarmingly high fevers, cough, bronchitis, and some of the cases with pneumonia. Thus, five of our children stayed in the hospital. Three of them suffered of pneumonia and two has to be feed artificially fed. Due to their questionable low weight condition. We’ve attended around of 30 sick children, that sometime we looked like a hospital than a cheerful childcare. The most affected were or children with low weight, that in the last months we have raised their weight to a reasonably acceptable body weight, they suffered the virus, they recovered by a day or two, before that again they got sick. It seems that the worst has already been overcome, because all of them are in the road of recovery, although some of them slightly trembling legs.
By the circumstances really hard that we have lived, also the administrative affairs stayed back, in that way was impossible to write something for the blog or answer emails. I hope your understanding and I convince myself that, slowly we going to be back to certain normality.

With a loving greeting
Priska Buchmann Scherer