In the past 4 months…

…our girls and boys has spent every minute of their free time making a beautiful little lamp, with a night table. As can not being from otherwise, the table is made up of a box of paperboard cover by a piece of cloth, ;-).
For first time we have faced our girls and boys to a long-term job, that has demanded a lot of patience, precision and resistance. Starting for the drawings and cutting of the geometric shapes, placing needles in an exactly distance and finally connect needles with thread with great precision. The electric part was made by Javiera and Nicole, after a quick training with our electrician.
To several girls and boys was hard to work meticulously, again and again they had to started over because something goes wrong. Neither was easy for them by not having a quick result. So, they often came to the limit of their patience, but the beautiful result has teaches us that the big effort it was worth it.