Thank you so much…

…for the congratulations because of my birthday that came from closer and far friends. I feel happy because lot of people that from one way or another had spent the time with me, 💝.
I enjoyed so much the party next to my girls, boys and godmothers. A huge hug to the godmothers that year by year put all the effort with children to make tender drawings, beautiful manual arts and joyful dances. Talking about drawings, I already have a trouble because I need walls for them, 🤔.
Thanks to the godmothers, my bedroom piecemeal lose the environment of humble. With a pain on my heart, I had to separate myself from my night table (a box cover by a piece of cloth) that was replace for a real night table. Now the wall is decorate with a mirror, that every morning smile me a gorgeous young girl that sticks me the tongue out
, 😋.