Do you remember Aixa…

…The shy and exceptionally smart girl. The little girl that was one of the first girls that we assist about in our Paraiso de la infancia Los Gusanitos Tamarindo, the substitute mother that as big sister, always she had care about her siblings.
Aixa, once again has taught us that, “wherever love comes, has to come” and “against of crazy hormones, intelligence can’t.” 😉
but, it looks like we had failed in sexual education theme with her, but we are not upset with the birth of her little daughter, Mariquita. Well, actually, that sweetness is called Maria but, i can’t take the bad habit away of give proper nicknames to girls and boys that stay in my heart at first sight. ;-).
Dear Aixa, i feel happy that despite this little and sweet «incident» you keep with highschool. This, specially in our circumstance, it require lot of courage, strength and energy. I wish you that this little and tender creature give you the strength for the stony road in front of you, that her make you feel full of love and joy in difficult moments and that Mariquita has inherited lot of attributes of your good character.
(Priska Buchmann Scherer)