My work…

I first started working for the childparadise Los GUSANITOS two and a half years ago as a volunteer and I really enjoyed it. After that I got an employment contractand and was in charge of one group of children. Simultaneasly I started working on my math teachers degree during the weekends. These were verry valuable and precious experiences and the chance of a life time. Since then I learned a lot, and I am so greatful that Priska let me be a part of this beatiful paradise and trusted me.
Throughout these last few years I got to know each and every of our 40 children – their personal needs, their strengthnesses and weaknesses and all of their many different charakters. I don’t feel like my job is only giving all I’ve got, I also had the chance to mature as  person trough the difficult situations I’ve experienced with my children.
I realized quite soon, that what our children need most is dedication, love and care. That I am always there when they need me and that I will stand up for them when difficult situations arise comes really natural to me.
A few months ago Priska gave me another great opportunity by asigning me to help our children with their homework and tutor them. Through supporting our children educationally, I can gain experience for my teachers degree. I really love my new tasks an am verry greatful for this new opportunity. Pirska is not only doing a great job with all our children, but also whith us – her employees. Without my jop at Los GUSANITOS and  the great support I recievd for my studies,I could’ve never realized my dream of being a teacher.
(Ana Gisell López Martínez)