Batteries well charged…

…we are complete and with a good mood, because until 5 of February we will still enjoy scholar vacations of our children.
Thanks to our faithful donors we have could bought 12 computers, to finally our girls and boys from LOS GUSANITOS sabaneta can take advantage of important instrument of computing in the education.
Since February 2018, 35 of our 40 girls and boys from tamarindo, they will find in scholar ages. An urgent measure, was extend the educational furniture that we could made. it was urgent to extend our computing room, two years ago have to hold, we had to educated very tight each other. Now it shine with 16 chairs instead of 10 as in last years.
Another need was the educational space of our girls and boys from kindergarten, that all together are 12 at Tamarindo. So, we have create their own space were before was” the movie theater” painted and equipped with an environment adapted to their needs. In that way they can take the time to their educational games in tranquility and do the homework that they have to bring to school.
Still there is too much to do, because we are missing the last furniture, here and there are missing happy murals, etc, etc, etc… as every year we have to go to Managua city to buy lot of scholar books, notebooks, scholar material and educational toys for our 60 kids in scholar ages. But as I said:  we have the batteries well charged, thanks to our donors we have the money to buy the necessary and we have the support of our biggest girls that help us where they can. So, our small paradise little by little shine in new clothes.
I hope that you also have start the year with enough energy and optimism that lasts until December.
And finally a picture with Stephany, Genesis, Javiera, Daysi and Anita-our visitor from Los GUSANITOS Switzerland-painting some furniture in happy colors.
A huge hug and tender greetings
(Priska Buchmann Scherer)