Dreamy children

I want to tell you a little bit about my experience at “Paraiso de Infancía Los Gusanitos” I already have 7 months to be here and too soon I saw the difficulties and behavior of each children. At the beginning I thought that it will be an easy work, but with the time the days and weeks came, when everything turned hard due to at the time to do the homework our kids always said “I can’t”.
Looking for solutions for this problem, I got the idea to make “The Tree of Dreams” with them and in this way they by themselves proposed some goals. Through drawing they expressed their desires and goals, putting in “The Tree” what they want to achieve when they grow up.
Making them see in this way that they can reach everything that they propose in this beautiful life, I got myself full of joy and happiness to heard them say in the next day in the morning when they were back from school, that: “I want to be a doctor, I want to be a Madrina, I want to be a president or I want to be a police. From that day my children dream in a peculiar way to have a better life in the furture.
That activity was a big step so important for the development of our children, something really important is that I wish that they never stop dreaming and from my part I feel so happy to see our children happy too.
(Keli Ingrid Zepeda Parrales)