A very special birthday

The past 8th of September of 2017 was a day full of emotions, for that reason is difficult explain in words what I felt. My madrinas spend their time and skills to prepare a lot of drawings, gifts, poems, dances and funnies activities with our children. All this work express the big affection and love, so all my feelings were overwhelmed. I I don’t understand how I deserve all this things and I don’t know how to give them back al the affection that they gave me in this special day.
Celebrated my birthday under the same roof with all my 70 children, all the madrinas, was the really big present of the day! Thanks to you I went to bed and once again a big smile was put on my face. I felt like I was in the clouds, having a shower of pure happiness about the uncountable feelings and surprises of the day. Thank you-thank you-thank you and once again THANK YOU!
PS: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay I have fridge, I have fridge, I have fridge, :-DDD
(Priska Buchmann Scherer)