The big difference between Tamarindo and Sabaneta

Time goes by and while our children grow up, we are getting older and getting new challenges with them.
Three years ago, I came at Los Gusanitos Tamarindo , where I found myself with children that despite their limitations, were thirsty for learning, each one with a peculiar way of being that always differentiated them.
The beginning of this experience at Tamarindo Center was hard for me, because I was in front of a big challenge. As a first part I will start with the work of everyday:
School reinforcement: All of them were willing to take their backpack and get into the classroom to work in their homework’s from school but the confrontation began when the topic that they had in school that day was hard to understand, happened that because of the frustration to not understand this topic their minds got locked and they were not able to work by their self in the homework and they used to says to their self “I can’t do it”. But with little pushes and small talks to encourage them now they are able to work in their homework by their self, certainly, sometimes with a little help and explanations when they found themselves confuse with a homework.
Work in group: This always was a little problem for them, due to at the time to cooperate together in just one work, they finished in a big fight and one of them finished the work of all of them, but at the end they found the way how to go in the right direction, specially the bigger ones.
Music: This topic at the beginning was difficult due to I could not suggest a something different than reggaeton but after lot of times trying something different, I showed them different music genres but without taking away their favorite music genre.
Eventually, when we talk about the changes and experiences that I had in Los Gusanitos Tamarindo, I must say that they were a lots but the most that made the difference has been their school learning, after lot of ups and downs that they had, they found the right road despite of the inconvenient in school.
Now, my challenge is at Los Gusanitos Sabaneta. The day after the opening, our first meeting with a small group of children that didn’t know about limits or rules, especially with an ugly vocabulary. With this small group we had days full of energy, coming with crying songs every day, how to forget the first day of Randy, yelling kicking and crying and also every dat with a small punishment for his bad behavior, also we cannot avoid mention Maxi, his first days were hard for him, especially when his mom came to leave him in our home, something that we knew very well of him is that he love food and also vegetables, that not all children like, so Maxi at time to eat is big example for the others children 😀
One month later, Los Gusanitos Sabaneta opened the doors to more children, we can see in them lot of learning deficit, kids that are have to take two school grades in one, for example, first and second grade at the same time or third and fourth grade also at the same time, and even they are in this grade, they still have problem to recognize the vowels and is there where our job is harder, we started from zero with them and stronger than school, since the disinterest about education is bigger and not just from our kids, this is also coming from the authorities that are in charge of this job, that being principals and teachers they don’t care if their students learn the lesson or not.
But our hopes do not die, they grow up, because our goal is that our children learn more than the Nicaraguan education program offer, without taking away the peculiar way of being that make them be unique.
(Andrea Pacheco)