Devotion, love, patience and perseverance

After the successful opening this past 1° of May, this May 2° has begun the “seriousness” of life” in Los Gusanitos Sabaneta with our first 10 children. I will tell you a little bit about the experience that we have witnessed, in which we began a hard work.
Beginning with so much energy, big goals and challenges to fulfil, in this two weeks we were able to witness the big weaknesses in learning and usually in the whole areas. We received the first scores from Adriana, Geovanny, Oscar and Karen, evaluating some sad scores, you can imagine how they are. For this reason, we were telling you about challenges to fulfil that we will get gently with dedication, love and lot of patience, without miss the constancy in order to persevere.
I will also tell you about the way that children have joy and fun, with just the fact of being with us, they don’t even want to go home at the time that they have to leave.
Maxi (2½ years old) is one of them, he enjoys play with the Madrinas. At the beginning just seeing, without stop crying, without say any word. One step that we already got with him, is that he stops crying and start to enjoy about the childhood. He asks for water and repeat words that make us laugh. When we ask Maxi: ¿Would you like to have more food? Or ¿would you like to have more juice? Or sometime else: he usually answers with a “NO” instead “YES”. Meanwhile we have become accustomed. In spite of his short vocabulary, we know what Maxi is trying to say.
His sister Adriana (12 years old) doesn’t stand behind. Since this 2° of May she has been going to school every day, although in the beginning she was ashamed to go in first grade with the little ones, in the meantime, her back has stretched a little, almost already she doesn’t walk with a back of granny of 80 years old, with a messy bun. That is, her self-esteem, in short time has grown a little. Among others, this guilt come from the magic hands of the godmothers Kelly and Andrea. It turns out the sad history, Adriana’s hair has never seen the shampoo, even none a comb. Thus our godmothers took a long time to make her look pretty, getting so many YAYYYY’s! From part of the involved. Since that time, every weekend she come to my door to borrow a comb to make herself look pretty.*
This is how we are glad of the little big advances that we have achieved in short time with our first 10 dear children.
In the last few days, Priska and I have been visiting different “houses” of futures children. Where hard days, get confront with the inhuman realities in which our futures children’s family live. Sad days that gave sleepless nights, tears, anger and much more. So, our emotions had to endure some and other storms, for our infinite impotence. From June 1° we are going to increase the amount from 10 to 28 and we will continue in the future keeping you informed about the advances.
*Remark: We would like to give to Adriana a comb, a soap, etc. to her can use it in her house. The problem is that, she would not have it for day without her own family snatch them to exchange it for money.
(Ingrid De Los Ángeles Maltéz Mejía)