It was a cold and rainy day…


…it was June 14, 2012. At this day they came wet and chilled through at our door. Our first GUSANITOS came to us. A wonderful day, you feel the magic at this day. ….

Carolay, Alex, Tatjana, Javiera, Franklin, Stephany, Paola und Yaritza, our first GUSANITOS. They fulfilled our house with childlike feelings and after more are coming. In the meantime our have 35 GUSANITOS. With the storys from our children we can fill up a lot of books. It looks as if it had been yesterday, simultaneous as if years had passed.

Also there are a group of teen. They are one of the first, too. They help us to clean, to paint, to transport something , for all the thousand things we must do.

The same group of teens help us on year later, too. This time under the leadership from Ramón. They fill up our playground with new soil and planted eight wonderfull new trees for our GUSANITOS. A very special present. It symbolizes our philosophy for “being and working”

Thank you very much to Don Ramón from Ferretería Santa María, initiator and donator for the activities “ trees of the year!  And a big cuddle to all the teens , which give us this very special gold- present!

Yes, this year passed very fast.  It give us a lot of fun , greetings, experiences, goodbys, lessons and also a little bit of dolorousness. In this year we find our routine, which never be a routine.

We achievement some small objects. Now it is time to go forward. Outside from our door are thousand nicaraguan children without hope and without the magic sunray. All of these children need this magic to to find they own way.

We look back to the date 15.11.2012. On this day we inform you that Maria Gracia Mongelli makes beautiful towels with our logo. Our friends in Europe sold 25 towels and the total sum is USD 420.–. We say, thanks you, to Maria Gracia and to all the people to help buy and selling the towels. The earnings are from a wonderful handwork “made in Italy” and goes to a wonderful handwork “made in Nicaragua”.

Because of this reason we say WELCOME in our team to Jerling Rosales. The speciality from Jerling Rosales is to tie hammock with high quality. Jerling is the first person for our project “is is never too late”. We help people to found they own small company. And this get a hammock-shop.
To make the start easier for her, we order small hammocks. Our GUSANITOS designed it. Every child paint their own small hammock and Jerling tie this hammocks. In the end we will sale this. We take this money in our project.

Jerling knows our philosophy “TAKE AND GIVE” Because of this reason she must teach some parents from our GUSANITOS to tie hamocks. They are integrated into the buisness. We look confident into the future and we are sure that some parents can nourish soon her children. Maybe modest, but human and with dignity.

We keep one’s fingers crossed for Jerling. And we hope your dreams fulfil.

Soon, we show you the GUSANITOS- hammocks  and you can help to sale these. They will owe it you with THANK YOU AUNT, THANK YOU UNCLE, with a inimitable smile.

A big hug to all and see you soon…