The May is the month of birthdays…


because we celabrated 6 birthdays. Now we send a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our children Naomi, Franklin, Isabel, Tatjana, Madrina Fátima and our flea Tómasito. It was the first birthday for Tómasito.

Our Stephany has a very special and personally Party. She straighten up and and show us, that she goes her way allone : -)

Our GUSANITOS come home with their school certificate and everything is ok. They all make good work in school. Congratulation to all! In the moment we study the notes and the devolopment of everyone. Then we can decide, which GUSANITOS can go to a private school nex year.

Our aunts become school reports, too : -) Mayra, Paola, Teresa and Ingrid go to the college UPONIC at the weekend in Masaya. They have  end the trimester wonderful! Neysi go to the secondary school and told us that english sounds like chinese to her ;- ) But her school report is ok, too. Fátima is our future coiffeur. In the meantime she knows all  tricks for different hairstyles.  Recently she has begun to cut hair. Since this time we live in “dangerous”. She alwasy search “victims” to cut hair. CONCRATULATION to all our aunts 😉

And in the end a small beatifull story from our GUSANITOS:

Aunt MAYRA go with our big GUSANITOS to the museum San Fransisco in Granada. In the end she go with all children to a restaurant to drink tea together. As she wants to pay, she need all her diplomacy because the situation goes to a disaster… :
“Aunt Mayra, the waiter has cheated us!! He told us the pot of tea cost  C$ 75.–, and you haven’t noticed it, that he cashed   C$ 95.—from you!!!!!
“Calm down, Tatjana, the waiter hasn’t deceived us. The pot of tea cost C$ 75.–,  taxes are added with C$ 20.–, together this is C$ 95.–”.
“Aunt, what are taxes?” “ We pay taxes because we need glases and we sit at the tables with the chairs, in addition…..”
NO aunt, not so! Next time we drink our tea in the park, at this place we must don’t pay to sit, it is gratis!!”

We send you a lot of sunrays, see you soon